Season’s Greetings (1) – Sat. 18 Dec 2010

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Performance Art + Spoken Word
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photo by Gill Fothergill

“Cotswolds are closed today,” said my landlord the farmer. He’s out playing with his snowplough – a man in his element: big tough machines and huge amounts of stuff to move!  People for miles around are grateful, as we stare out across where arctic whiteout has replaced the fields.

How happy I am to stop in the warm, fire blazing (saving LPG!) and snuffles medicated.  Hundreds of thousands of people all over Britain are struggling to keep up daily life, let alone get into the Christmas countdown…

This was the weekend shopkeepers and many other businesses were counting on to keep their financial heads above recession.  Friday and today were supposed to be the Great Chrismas Getaway.  Instead there is frustration, pressure, struggle… Crowds overheating, queues shivering… With all my heart I hope people find the patience and invention to reach safe places, with friendly faces.  Deliveries will be late, shopping will keep till better weather – we’re humans, that means good at adapting. It’s a survival skill, and we’d better remember it. In every aspect.

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