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Chloë of the Midnight Storytellers

Chloë by Antony Thompson / Thousand Word Media


Since Chloë of the Midnight Storytellers first heard a professional storyteller in 1991 and thought, Yes, fantastic, and I would do that differently… her mission has been to boldly take performance storytelling where it’s never gone before.

What are the stories of our time? What will be Once Upon A Future..?

Since 1999 Chloë has helped pioneer a new style of Story Cabaret for audiences of adults – genuine verbal jazz.

Much of her material is rooted in the magnificent heritage of traditional story (myths, legends, folktales) from many cultures.

But new original stories and dashes of stand-up comedy keep finding their way in.

In the 15th year of Midnight Storytellers, Chloë launched a new contemporary story cabaret show Scheherazade’s Shed. Well, they say every man needs a shed. But where does a modern storyteller go to kick off her sparkly slippers and play with new kinds of story? In a virtual boudoir, complete with fake chaise longue, chandelier and luscious scent, a mature Scheherazade with a twinkle in her eye tells tales of magical realism, true life and once upon a future. The show is evolving and, since Chloë discovered that really only she can say or spell the original title, it’ll have a new name.

Chloë is moving on from traditional storytelling. Think of her as a spoken word artist/performer. Or even – shock horror! – an entertainer. Because there’s still the battle against the (English) concept that ‘storytelling’ is only for toddlers…

For younger audiences, Chloë is established as an inspiring performer in schools and community venues. She delights age 8+ and is a huge relief to age 12+ with her energy and thought provoking humour.

Performing as the Dragon Whisperer enables Chloë to meet commercial and educational demands for children’s storytelling in a way that she, too, can enjoy.

The gloriously costumed stage persona of Agent Green the Dragon Whisperer is a spoof secret agent who works for DCHQ (Dragon Conservation Headquarters), has her very own dragon companion and demonstrates the finer points of hatchling care with help from Bitey Bob. The eccentric character – think Hogwarts’ Professor MacGonagall crossed with Indiana Jones, with a dash of Men In Black – tells the stories her dragon friend Fuse imparted to her on winter nights in the cave… Now available as Dragon Tales audio CD direct from Chloë and as an illustrated e-book .

From summer 2016 Chloë also enchants children and fantasy fans of all ages as the fabulously scruffy Corvidia Nightshade, Un-Wisewoman of the Woods and keen eater of cake. Her stories range from wildwood magic to little known legends of Britain.


  • Stagecraft learned at Central School of Speech & Drama, London
  • Chloe of the Midnight StorytellersWorked 15 years as copywriter and editor in public relations/marketing; specialised in newsletters…
  • …While also travelling the UK and overseas 9 years, delivering training seminars including How To Deal With Difficult People; Communication Skills for Women in Business; and the top selling Grammar & Proofreading for Business Writers featuring an unforgettable comedy rant about it’s and its
  • Drives a fast German car, prefers Lapsang Souchong tea and lives on an English farm with not quite enough cats.

You can book Chloë to entertain at your venue or event…
…or summon Agent Green to give her Masterclass in the Care & Training of Dragons

Visit  www.midnightstorytellers.co.uk  or use the Contact Form below:

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