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It’s taken me a while… decades…! to  reach equanimity towards the alleged festive season. Under pressure to devise something seasonal for the first Cirencester Christmas Poetry Slam, I wrote the following doggerel – and it got me through to the competition’s second round! Being within a gnat’s whisker of slam virginity, I was ridiculously pleased.

Celebrating Christmas

Free from shopping, free from cooking
Done with chat to people I can’t stand
No desperate cleaning for fear of mother’s comments
No more frantic drives across the land

I’m for sloe gin on the sofa
Throw another peasant on the fire!
I’ll eat curry for Christmas breakfast and cake for dinner
Watch soppy films and read, to my heart’s desire

Stuff the wretched Christmas Market
Two hours in the car, nowhere to park
I’ll watch moonlight on new snow at three in the morning
Leave presents on friends’ doorsteps after dark

Up goes tinsel, up goes holly
Far too many crazy flashing lights
No siblings here to sneer and stick in comments
Gifts I’ll buy myself: things I like!

Don’t start thinking I’m some kind of
Sad case Chloë no-friends all alone
I’m quite happy to make solitary merry
Celebrating Christmas on my own.

Wishing you all comfort and joy
peace, quiet and rest
for your winter festival